Top 10 Worst Shampoo in India

Ironically, The worst shampoos' are the popular ones. Almost all the shampoos in the list contains Sulfates, Paraben and Silicon. And some of them either doesn't have the Key Ingredient that they claim to have or they are not  made of "Natural" Ingredients.

Before looking into the list, 

Know the Basic. Ingredients are listed in descending order, starting with the largest amount in the product (usually water). 

If a product touts a particular ingredient but it is listed near the end of the list, then not much of the ingredient is present in the product.

The First Five Rule

The five ingredient listed on the label have the highest percentage present in the product. They are Ultimately what determines the true performance of a product. Now let's move on to our list,

1. Dove

Dove has 10 kinds of shampoo addressing different issues. All of their shampoo contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Which causes Dryness to the hair. Even their Dryness Care Shampoo has sulphate in it and listed as second ingredient in the label.

Ingredients list of Dove Dryness Care Shampoo

2. Pantene

Patene provides 5 different ranges of shampoo. Pantene also contains sulphates. For Instance let's look into the Pantene Advanced Hairfall solution Shampoo. 
This shampoo claims to have Fermented Rice Water and Pro-Vitamin as the Key Ingredient. Let's look it's Ingredients list on its label.

Key Ingredient is highlighted in yellow

In the above Ingredients list. The Rice Water Extract is listed at the end and Pro-Vitamin is nowhere to be found on the list. 

3. Sunsilk

Sunsilk has 9 variety of shampoos. Sunsilk also contains Sulfates and TEA. Let's look into SUNSILK Hairfall Shampoo with Onion and Jojoba Oil.

But the said Key Ingredient Onion and Jojoba Oil is mentioned at the end of the list. Which means they are present in very less amount. But the Sulfate is second on the list. 

4. Biotique

Biotique has 9 variety of shampoo for different hair concern. Biotique claims to be Natural Shampoo that their ingredients are 100% Natural, but the truth is they don't reveal full list of ingredients. 

Ingredients of biotique shampoo

In the ingredients list, only 10% of ingredients are listed. Where is the remaining and what they are hiding?

5.  Head and Shoulders

Generally, Head amd Shoulders shampoo are used for dandruff concern in India. They have 7 variety of shampoos. It contains both SLS and SLES (Sulfates) and silicone.

In their NEEM Anti- dandruff Shampoo, Instead of Neem extract they are adding indica leaf extract, even then the extract is used in very small amount because it is mentioned at the end of the ingredients list.

6. Himalaya

Himalaya has 5 kinds of shampoo. It is a product that hyped as "natural".  Let's look into the ingredients.

It is claimed to have Bhringaraja, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree. But the reality is, it contains sulphates and very less amount or no amount of natural ingredients.

Ingredients of himalaya Anti- hairfall shampoo

7. Clinic Plus

Clinic plus has 3 kinds of shampoo. This shampoo contains sulfate.  They claim to have milk protein. But look at the ingredient list there is no such ingredient in the list. 

8. Loreal Paris

Loreal Paris has high amount of sulfates and silicones. They promises to resolve many hair concerns total repair, hair fall resist. But their ingredients list seems to be like any other commercial shampoo.

9. Tresemme

Tresemme has 9 variety of shampoo. Their promise is to give a salon finish touch to your hair. But their ingredients are just ordinary as any other shampoo. 

10.  Chick Shampoo

Chik Shampoo is a CavinKare brand. Four different shampoo are availabe in Chik Shampoo. It contains Sulfate. But compared to another shampoo in India  Chik has less harmful Ingredients and it's Key Ingredients are mentioned in the middle of the list.

Ingredients of Chik Egg White Shampoo

Bottom Line

Most of the commercially advertised shampoo are full of harsh chemicals. They advertise them as 100% Natural and promise you to give a flawless hair and hyped for nothing. But it our consumer duty to research and look into the ingredients list to know what our shampoo contains. let's not blindly use anything. To know more about harsh chemicals present in your shampoo Click here

All you need is clean shampoo


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