Top 10 Harmful Packaged Food

Top 10 Harmful Packaged Food

These are the Packaged Foods that are secretly making you unhealthy.  And these are the foods you have to stop consuming at any cost.  Better to be known as Packaged Poisons.

1. Instant Noodles

Noodles are made of refined flour, which takes hours to be digested causing stress to the digestive system. They also release chemicals and preservatives that can cause long term harm to your health. It doesn't end here. The Masala that comes with the Noodle is a pure Mix of evil to your health. I Highly recommend you to avoid eating Instant Noodles. 

2. Chips

Chips are calorie dense as they are cooked in fat. They are loaded with Sodium which leads to headache, dry skin, inflammation, kidney disease and heart disease. Also, they are re fried in the same oil making them supremely Unhealthy.

3. Beverage

Packaged Juice - Sadly they have no real fruit, whatever may the company claim. They are full of harmful sugar and have zero nutritional benefits. Please eat an orange instead of drinking a glass of packed orange juice. 

Aerated Drinks - They are very bad to health and we all know that. Even the so called "diet" ones are harmful as they contain artificial sweeteners which have a long-term harmful impact on your body.

4. Biscuits 

Is Biscuit harmful? What will a small packet of biscuit do? Much! Biscuit is the most underestimated packaged food and consumed in regular. They are made with refined flour, loaded with sugar and cooked in the same oil. Please avoid eating them. Eating them often can make you a lifetime diabetic patient.

5. Packaged Bakery Products

Usually, bakery products have short shell life. But these Packaged Bakery Products comes with long shell life, meaning they are high in preservatives and highly processed. So, Please avoid eating Packaged Bun, Croissants, Cakes, White Bread and Swiss rolls.

6. Ready to Eat Meal

The use of preservatives, additives and chemicals to make them consumable for longer period may harm human kidney and liver. Also, the use of dehydrated vegetables contains zero nutrients.

7. Gummy Bears |  Gems | Jelly Bean

These Candies contains high amount of food dyes (artificial colors), which are linked to cancer. Please avoid food with artificial coloring agents. Especially, children are sensitive to food dyes.

8. Packaged Namkeen

Namkeen are full of sodium, preservatives and hydrogenated oils and hence, cause a serious health problem if consumed on a daily basis. 

9. Packaged Soup

Packaged Soup contains sky high sodium, acidity regulator, flavor enhancer and coloring agents. The coloring agents are toxic and can put the liver and kidney under pressure to wash off harmful chemicals. Also, contains MSG which cause rapid heart rate and chest pain.

10. Soy based products

Soy is one of the biggest health frauds of modern times. Soy products is something that you must skip. Most are soy additives that are processed and toxic. Large usage of Soy products like Soy Sauce, Soy Milk can cause infertility in women and promote the growth of cancer cells.

Bottom Line

It is best to eat Vegetables, Fruits and home cooked food. Packaged food are poisons that are sold only for profits and without any health concerns. Eating Packaged food rarely will cause you nothing. But consuming them on a daily basis can cause you huge health problems.

Say NO to Packaged Food

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