Nestle Products must be Banned - Unhealthy Packed Food

Nestle the makers of Maggi, KitKat, Cerelac acknowledged in their own internal document that, over 60 % of Nestle’s Mainstream food and beverage are unhealthy and should not be consumed by humans. And 37% of Nestle’s product are eligible to consume by humans. The remaining 3% products are pet food and specialized medical nutrition that are not tested nor mentioned in leaked documents.

Nestle Products can be divided into different Categories

BEVERAGE - 96% of the products are unhealthy. 

CONFECTIONARY PRODUCTS (Sweet, Cake, Chocolate ) - 99% of these products are unhealthy. This includes Milky Bar, Munch, Crunch, KitKat 

Top 5 Unhealthy Nestle Products

1. DiGiorno's Frozen Pizza - Contains 40% of a person's daily recommended sodium (salt) intake.

2. Nesquik's Strawberry Flavored Milk Powder - Contains 14g of sugar per serving

3. Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza - Contains 50% of the daily recommended Sodium intake 

4. Orange Flavored San Pellegrino Drink - Contains 7.1g of sugar per serving

5. San Pellegrino Mineral Water 

Bottom Line

Nestle has openly admitted in their leaked documents that majority of their products are unhealthy. Though, people continue to consume these products in their daily life and government has turned a blind eye over this issue. 

Nestle also produces variety of baby food which are used by young moms like normal. Even Some Doctor recommend Cerelac, While the quality of the product is questionable. 

Back in 2015, Maggi was banned in India. Later the ban was lifted. But till today Maggi has biggest market in India. And goes on to introduce Maggi Masala, Pasta and other craps.

Remember Majority of the Nestle Products are Unhealthy to consume. Think before buying another Nestle product.

Avoid Packed Processed Food

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