7 Habits for a Healthy Life Style

7 Habits for a Healthy Life Style

1. Wake up ON Time

I always have a good day, when I wake up ON time. Everything goes as planned and I don’t have to rush start my day. Waking up early will do more good. But Waking up ON time is basic. Have fixed waking up time and stick to it. In Today’s world people do different shifts at work and tend to sleep at day and even in afternoon. But make sure to have proper sleeping cycle, have a fixed sleeping hours (7 to 8 hrs.) and fixed bed time and wake up time.

2. Exercise Regularly

Working out your body regularly not only keeps you in shape, but also keep you away from diseases (Obese, Diabetes, Heart Disease). Morning is the Best time to Exercise. But still if you are a busy person and can’t afford to have an exercise session in your morning time. Then do it whenever you have time. You don’t have to go to a gym. You can start working out at home with some basics exercises.

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3. Have Morning and Evening/ Night Routine

Having a Morning Routine preps you for a good day

As soon as you wake up,

  • Drink water in empty stomach to activate your organs
  • Go for a walk or workout for 30 minutes
  • Meditate or Pray to god for at least 2- 5 minutes
  • Eat something healthy
  • Plan your day ahead

This is just an example routine, you can draft your own. Just make sure to have a routine that warms you up positively for the day. Avoid seeing Mobile Phone as soon as you open your eyes from sleep. It will be better if you check your phone after completing the morning routine.

Before bed routine must be a calm down routine after a busy day.

  • Take a Bath
  • Hear some music
  • Do some skin care thing
  • Meditate/ Pray
  • Read a Book

The Bed time routine should be in a way that frees your mind and put you to sleep.

Close up all the chats, Appointments and Browsing before 1hr or at least 30 minutes prior to sleep.

4. Eat Healthy

Eat food to nourish your body. Not to satisfy your cravings. Think your body as a plant and healthy foods are like water and manure that helps the plant to grow and nourish. Unhealthy junk food are like insects and plastic junk above the soil, it will destroy your healthy organs and keeps you from nourishing and growing healthy.

5. Demonstrate Self- Restraint and Avoid Temptation

Saying ‘NO’ to that extra glass of alcohol, Watching only one episode per day of that series, going to sleep ON time even when  you can stay up late are some of the situations where you can show self-restraint. Even this goes with our emotions, whenever you are tempted to yell or slap a person have a hold of these emotions and control it. Whether it’s your habit or emotions have a control over yourself.

“If you don’t control yourself, then

Other will start controlling you “


6. Follow Through

Whatever you do, Do it regularly. Do the work until you finish. Complete the routine. Don’t be half way hanging. Whether it’s an Exercise session or a course. Be consistent and complete it.

7. Honor Your Bedtime

In this century, people from all age group, Children, Teens, and Adults take their sleeping time for granted and use it like their free time which is a very wrong thing to do. Your Bedtime is important for your body to function properly.  Not giving your body an adequate hours of sleep makes you vulnerable to stress and other mental problems. Never cut slack over your sleep time. Start honoring your sleep time.

The Secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine

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