Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe for Nature Lovers

Must Travel Natural Places in Europe

The Europe Continent consists of 50 Countries and it is home to many natural breathtaking scenic places. In this post we are going to see 10 unique places from different parts of Europe.

1. Geiranger Fjord – Geiranger, Norway

**Fjord – A long narrow piece of sea between the cliffs.

Geiranger Fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It looks so beautiful that makes you feel, you are in a fairytale land. Also this place is an inspiration for the Kingdom Arendelle in the Disney movie Frozen.

The Deep blue water, mountain peaks and waterfalls makes it an unforgettable scenery. The notable waterfalls in this Fjord are the Seven Sisters Waterfalls and the Suitor Waterfall. Both Waterfalls face each other across the fjord. It seems to be, as though the suitor is trying to woo the sisters in the opposite.

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

You can do many activities in this surrounding areas like,

  • Take a Ferry ride and enjoy the marvelous view of the fjord and experience the drizzle of the waterfalls.
  • Visit the Norwegian Fjord Center, where you can learn about the formation Fjords.
  • You can also go to the Eagle road. It is a view point. From there you can see the full beauty of the Fjord


2. Pragser Wildsee (or) Lake Prags – Prags, Italy

It is a lake in the Dolomite Mountain Range (which is a UNESCO World Heritage site). This lake is located inside a Natural Park called Fanes – Sennes – Prags. The lake is surrounded on the 3 sides by the dolomite peaks.

You can go for a boating in this lake and enjoy the beautiful view of this place.

This lake’s main attraction is the blue/ emerald green color of its clear water and the views of dolomite from the lake

3. Blue Grotto – Capri Island, Italy

Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of island Capri, southern Italy. This cave is with Blue reflection of the water. It’s like a magical spell casted on the cave. You can take a boat to enter the blue grotto and enjoy the magic of blue.


4. Water Village Giethoorn – Overijssel, Netherlands

Giethoorn Village is called the Venice of Netherlands or Dutch Venice. Because this village has no roads and it is only accessible by boat. This village is full of water ways, lakes, boats and bridges. These water ways, lakes freezes in the winter allowing you to skate on it.

Definitely this village is a place to visit to soak in the natural beauty and to have a car free experience


5. Northern Lights

An Aurora, referred as Northern lights is a natural light display in the earth’s sky. Mostly seen in the Arctic region.  These lights are the result of disturbance in the earth’s magnetic field caused by the solar winds.

These Northern Lights can be seen from the countries like: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Canada. But the Best place to see Northern Lights is Tromso, Norway and Lapland, Finland. Let’s see the difference between these two places

Tromso, Norway – Tromso is located in the northern light oval, the area with greatest chance of sighting and has a mild climate in winter than the other locations at same latitude. The best season for viewing northern light in Tromso is October to March


Watching Aurora from Glass Igloo in Lapland, Finland

Lapland, Finland – Here, You can view the northern lights from a glass igloo allowing you to have a full view of the sky. Finland has a long viewing season for the light from August to April.


6. Jungfraujoch – Switzerland

Jungfraujoch is the location of the highest train station in Europe. And that’s why it has earned the name “Top of Europe”.  To get to Jungfraujoch you have to take a train from Kleine Scheidegg.

Sphinx Observatory

Things you can do at Jungfraujoch,

Sphinx Terrace – Ride an elevator and go to the terrace. There you can have one of the best views of the Swiss Alps and Aletsch Glacier (longest glacier in Europe).

Aletsch Glacier

Aletsch Glacier –
Ride the elevator back down to the underground tunnel and walk out to the Aletsch Glacier.

Snow Fun Park – In this park, you can go skiing, zip linking, tubing and snowboarding.

Hike to Mönchsjochhütte (Mountain Hut) The hiking takes 45 minutes and feels like you are going to the top of the world.

Ice Palace This place carved out of glacier that has ice tunnel and ice sculptures.

Glacier Plateau – You can have amazing view of Jungfrau and Alps

7. Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia

This National Park is an UNESCO World Heritage Centre. It has 16 lakes, 12 upper lakes and 4 lower lakes interconnected by series of waterfalls. Veliki slap is 78 meter high waterfalls at the end of lower lakes. The National Park covers a 300 square Kilometers. The beauty of this place can’t be described is words. The pictures speak for itself.


8. Gorges du Verdon / Verdon Gorge – France

Verdon Gorge is river canyon. This place is famous for its turquoise color water. Summer – June is the best time to visit this place. Activities you can do around this place:

  • You can rent a boat and paddle along the river Verdon
  • There are number of small beaches at this place, where you can try swimming.
  • You can also go to Pont du Galetas Bridge, from there you can have a breathtaking view of the Gorge.
View Point


9. Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

The cliffs of Moher is located at the edge of Burren in Ireland. It is the favorite tourist spot in Ireland. This place have appeared in many movies including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Go to the view point and Stand still and be amazed by the cliffs and roars of the Atlantic Ocean.


10. Matterhorn – Switzerland

Matterhorn is a mountain in Swiss Alps which has nicknames like “Jewell of Alps” and “Peak in the Meadows”.  Matterhorn serve as a border between Switzerland and Italy. This pyramid shaped mountain is 15,000 ft. tall.

Matterhorn doesn’t have a cable car service to reach the peak and therefore only professional climbers can climb the mountain. Over 500 climbers have died attempting to climb the mountain. So, my advice is to view the Matterhorn from the land and visit the Matterhorn Museum where you can learn about the formation of this majestic mountain and know about first ascent on this mountain.


Bottom Line

Europe is a beautiful continent full of rich nature and history. Apart from this 10 places there are more Unique nature kissed places, hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore as much as you can. One life, so travel.

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