Things that new BTS ARMY Should know

New to BTS Army?

Here are the things you should know about BTS. For starters, BTS is a KPOP boy band consisting of 7 members : 

Stage Name           Real Name

JIN                            Kim Seokjin

SUGA                       Min Yoongi

J HOPE                    Jung Hoseok

Rap Monster (RM)    Kim Namjoon

JIMIN                        Park Jimin

V                               Kim Taehyung 

Jungkook (JK)          Jeon Jungkook

The full form for BTS is BangTan Soneyadhan meaning Bulletproof Boy scout.  BTS fandom is called ARMY. 

Forming BTS

Big Hit Entertainment is the managing company of BTS. Initially, In 2010 the Bighit Entertainment was trying to form a Hip Hop group. RM was the first member to join this group. Then Suga became the second member and then J-Hope joined this group. So BTS was originally supposed to be a Hip hop group. But later on the CEO of Bighit Entertainment decided to change the idea to form a K-pop group.

Because of this change of mind, Bighit Entertainment decided to hire more members to the group from the aspect of making a K-pop group. In this process Jin, Jungkook, V and Jimin joined the group. This makes BTS a seven member group with RM as the leader. After years of training, finally BTS made their debut on June 13, 2013.

Each member has their own responsibility towards the group. They all play a very important role in the group.

 Rappers : RM, Suga, J-Hope.

 Singers  : Jungkook (Main vocalist), Jin, V and Jimin.

 Best in Dance : J-Hope, Jimin

Precious Members

Jin is the eldest member of the group and Suga is the second eldest member of the group. J-Hope and RM are born in the same year 1994 making them third eldest members of the group. And  Jimin and V are born in the same year 1995. Last but not the least, Jungkook is the youngest member of the group. 

Spending all these years together, Members have become very close to each other. They know each other so well. They take care of each other like a family. Every youngest member of the group calls the oldest member with the Korean honorific "Hyung" meaning Big brother. 

Since, Jungkook is the youngest member, the older members took a very good care of him. In an interview jungkook even said hyungs are the ones who raised him. Back in 2014 Jungkook wanted to leave BTS and go back to busan. But Jin made him stay. When J-Hope left BTS, Jungkook cried out his heart and J-Hope came back. Before debut Suga was hit by a car and kept it quite to not burden other members. V cried and Jimin sat and cried with him. RM chose them all over himself. This is how they hold each others back. And that's why army loves BTS so much.

Struggles of BTS

BTS didn't became popular in overnight. They faced hardship, criticism and worked their way up. Ever since their debut BTS faced criticism as a group as well as an individual members. 

BTS mainly criticized for their appearance. Some members like RM, J-Hope, Jimin has faced a lot of hatred. RM was being bullied for his looks so badly that even in an interview RM said one of the fans of BTS said him to leave BTS because he don't fit in the group. J-Hope was bullied that his face looks like a horse. Jimin was body shammed for being chubby. This affected Jimin a lot so that he had to starve to attend perfect body shape. 

#PlagerisimBoys. BTS's works are often criticized for plagiarism. They have popularly criticized for the concept photography of 'blood sweat tears ' inspired from a French photographer's work. 

BTS Members like RM, Suga has gone through depression and mental issues. You can notice that their song lyrics addresses mental issues.

Rise of Bangtan

The year 2020 may be a dull year for the world but not for BTS. Their Single 'Dynamite' is a worldwide hit which gained them more popularity and fan followings. They topped Billboard #1 for 'Dynamite' and 'Life Goes On' this makes BTS the first ever K-pop to hit No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Single chart. Also BTS has become the first ever K-pop group to ever receive a Grammy nomination. BTS's golden maknae Jungkook has been announced the Sexiest International man alive by people magazine. It didn't stop there, their second English song 'Butter' has been No. 1 in the Billboard Charts for 7 consecutive weeks. In no time their third English song 'Permission To Dance' has been released as a gift to Army on Army's Birthday July 9.

 Living without passion is like being dead 

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