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India's Best Amusement Park

 WONDERLA - Bengaluru , Karnataka,  India


Totally there are three WonderLa Amusement Parks in India. All the 3 parks are located in Southern parts of India (Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kochi). But WonderLa, Bengaluru is considered as the best amusement park in India. If you are planning a trip to India don't ever miss this place.


WonderLa Bengaluru has 61 rides in total. Land Ride - 14 , Theatre Ride - 3 , Kids Ride-13,  Water Rides - 18High Thrill Ride - 10High Thrill Water Ride- 3

 High Thrill Rides are the unique rides that makes WonderLa Bengaluru to stand out from other amusement parks in India. There are 10 amazing High Thrill Rides in WonderLa that will make you to yell and scream. And WonderLa is the only amusement park to have a reverse roller coaster (Recoil) in India. I bet that for each and every high thrill ride your adrenaline will pump up and your heart will skip some beats.

 I dare you to ride all 10 high thrill rides if your blood and tears has no fears!

Sky Wheel

Sky Wheel is a land mark ride in WonderLa. This ride is placed above a 13 floor high tower which gives a bird eye view of the park and its surroundings.

Ticket Price 

The price mentioned above is inclusive of tax.


Apart from rides, the park has other facilities like Restaurants, Souvenir shops, First Aid hospital, Dormitory, etc. 

This Park is perfect place to have fun and to take a break from your regular life. One whole day is needed to explore this park. People who like to experience thrilling adventures can go for this place.

 Ride More, Worry Less 


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