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ABC Juice - The Miracle Drink

Most of us must have already heard or tried this miracle drink. If you not, try it out tomorrow it's so easy to make and so tasty to drink.

What is Miracle Drink ?

The Miracle Juice is called ABC Juice. A for AppleB for BeetrootC for Carrot are the key ingredients of the drink. This drink will have a positive influence over your body. You can visually see the changes and that’s why it is called Miracle drink. 

When you should drink ?

Drink this miracle drink on a regular basis. Drinking it once in a day is enough. You can drink the juice anytime in a day. But it's more perfect to drink it in the morning. 

WARNING: If you have constipation problem or indigestion issues, drink it thrice a week or even once a week. If you have allergic reaction towards beetroot don't ever drink this juice.

Benefits of ABC Juice

This juice has dozens of Vitamins and Minerals, like Vitamin A, B, B1, B2, B6, C, E and vitamin K.

Minerals like zinc, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, folate, magnesium, niacin, sodium and manganese.

Hence it gives ample of benefits: 

1.     Flushes toxins from your body (Detox)

2.    Improves your skin tone and adds glow to your skin

3.     Boosts your Immune System

4.     Improves your Vision

5.      Helps in Weight loss.

6.     Controls blood pressure

7.     Sharpens your memory and make you more attentive

8.     Eases Menstrual pain

How to Prepare ABC juice ?

Ingredients : Apple - 100 g,   Beetroot - 1 , Carrot - 1 medium (61 g)




1.     Chop Apple, Beetroot and carrot into pieces

2.     Pour some water maybe chill water to dilute the juice

3.     Blend all the ingredients in a juicer or mixie

4.     Don't ever add sugar


There 2 ways in drinking this juice,

  •   Strain it and drink
  •   Drinking it with strain like smoothie - Has fiber content 

You can add few drops of lemon juice and pinch of ginger to the juice to balance the taste. You can also add Amla (1) or pomegranate to the juice for extra nourishment.

Bottom Line

Whenever you consult a dermatologist for skin brightening, the first thing doctor will ask you to do is to drink ABC juice.

A Healthy OUTSIDE, Starts from the INSIDE



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