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Types Of Meditation

We all must be aware of What is meditation. At least each one of us will be having a very basic knowledge about meditation.


 But, How many of us know that there are different types in meditation.


 There are 6 popular types in meditation,

1.     Mindfulness Meditation

2.     Spiritual Meditation

3.     Focused Meditation

4.     Movement Meditation

5.     Mantra Meditation

6.     Transcendental Meditation

There are other types too like... Zen Meditation, Kundalini, Loving-kindness meditation, Chakra meditation, Vipassana, etc...But the above 6 types are basic. And every other types is a branch of this six type.

Mindfulness Meditation

In this type of meditation, you close your eyes and pay attention to your thoughts. Note that you just simply observe your thoughts. No judging or over thinking through it. JUST OBSERVE.




Spiritual Meditation

This Meditation is similar to prayer. You sit in silence, close your eyes and seek connection with god. Candles and Agarbathi are used to highlight the atmosphere.


Focused Meditation


This Meditation involves concentration. For example, you close your eyes and focus on your breathing Breathe IN and Breathe OUT. You can also use external factors to focus. Like, 

  • Try counting mala beads.
  • Listening to a specific sound (gong).
  • Staring at a centric dot or even a candle flame.

 This meditation helps you to gain focus in life

Movement Meditation

This meditation is an active form of meditation. You focus on gentle movements like yoga, walking. Movement meditation suits for people who like their minds to wander and finds peace in action.

Mantra Meditation

This type of meditation uses a repetitive pronunciation of word or phrase to clear the mind. Most of the people use 'Om' in mantra meditation. You can either pronounce the mantra loudly or quietly.  This kind of meditation helps you to create more awareness to the environment. This meditation is for the people who doesn't like silence but enjoy repetition.


 Transcendental Meditation

Before getting to know about Transcendental Meditation. Know the meaning of Transcendental - Beyond human experience or knowledge.

This meditation should be taught by a certified Transcendental Meditation (TM) teacher. Transcendental meditation is a kind of mantra meditation. But here comes the uniqueness, TM is process of 'automatic self-transcending' which involves silent use of mantra. But using the specific mantra in specific way.


  The TM mantras and techniques are kept private. Don't use techniques mentioned in online or do not trust the free online courses that claims to be TM course. If you want to practice it, then it is best to opt for a certified instructor.

Not all meditation styles are right for everyone. These practices requires different skills and mindsets. But don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try different types. If one isn't working or not comfortable, just try a another one. Practice what's best for you.

Add meditation to your daily routine for a happy and peaceful life! If you are a beginner and still don't know where to start or how to start feel free to visit our previous post - Start Meditating.

" The body benefits from MOVEMENT,  and the mind benefits from STILLNESS "

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