Disneyland - Hongkong

This Theme park is a fairy tale inspired wonderland. It is a dream land where you can see the disney movie characters come alive. This park consists of 7 themed areas and each area has its rides, theatres and attractions related to the theme.

 Main street U.S.A -  It's the entrance way to the park and also the exit way which is designed to resemble a 20th century Midwest town. This street has its way full of shops to purchase disney toys and other goodies.

Fantasy land -  It's the biggest area among others. This area has attractions and rides inspired from different disney fairytale movies like sleeping beauty, dumbo, winnie the pooh,..etc

Adventure land - This area is jungle themed and has rides, theatres and attraction inspired from disney movies like the lion king, tarzan, moana,..etc.

Tomorrowland -  This area is themed in a optimistic vision of the future. Marvel universe will be a expansion of tomorrowland

Stark Expo - This attraction is based on the Marvel Comics Character Iron Man, becoming the first Disney attraction. Set at the fictional Stark Expo, where Tony Stark recruiting guests to offend off the extraterrestrial beings that are attacking Hong Kong.

Mystic Point - The theme of this area is set in the heart of a dense, enchanted rainforest surrounded by mysterious forces and supernatural events. This area features two rides Mystic Manor and Haunted Mansion. 

Mystic Manor

Mystic Manor is the home of Lord Henry Mystic, a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventures and his travelling companion, a monkey named Albert.

Grizzly Gulch - This is area is themed like abandoned mining town.

Toy story land - The theme of this area is inspired from the movie toy story. And the rides in this land also have the toy story touch.

Arendelle - This area is named after the kingdom arendelle from the movie frozen. This area will be themed as the world of frozen which is currently being developed & planned to be opened in the year 2021.

You will be provided with a map of this park at the ticket counter which will guide you to spot the rides and way to eat and rest. It will take one whole day to see each and every part of this dream land. And there is a high chances of getting lost since the park is large. So, it's well and good to stick with your crew and make sure to plan perfectly that you won't miss any rides.

Treat to your eyes awaits at the end of the day. A firework show is arranged at 7:00 P.M near the sleeping beauty castle. Your day at disneyland will be incomplete if you don't watch the mesmerising musical firework show.

Disney Resort - The Theme park can be comfortably visited in one day. However many families like to spend two days by halting a one night stay at Disney Hotels.

" Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in this world."


  1. Everyone should visit this place atleast once in their lifetime ❤️

  2. I think I commented that I had visited Disney land in TOKYO

  3. tokyo disneyland is a replica of the original oneIam told

  4. I have visited this place. It's a dreamy place💜🤩


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